“How Would You Like To Cure Your Sleep Apnea – Naturally – in the Next 60 Days?”

Dear Fellow Sleep Apnea Sufferer,

Let me start by congratulating you for taking control of your health. By visiting my site, you’ve taken a bold step toward throwing away your CPAP for good.

But what if I told you that 60 days from now you could be completely free of your sleep apnea – and never have to worry about groggy days and deteriorating health again?

It’s true! And I have irrefutable proof that dozens of people just like you have done exactly that – overcome their sleep apnea within 2 months. And through natural treatments!

No need for surgery or expensive equipment that only treat the symptoms of sleep apnea, not the underlying cause.

Now, you might be wondering what the difference is between Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP and the revolutionary package I’m offering you here. Here’s the difference: Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP is the most comprehensive guide on the market dealing with sleep apnea treatments that don’t involve CPAP.

The guide describes 12 treatments that have been tested in scientific studies, but many of which a lot of doctors haven’t even heard of. The guide also comes with audio interviews with 6 sleep apnea survivors who have overcome their apnea using these treatments.

The Natural Apnea Treatments Power Pack consists of instructional videos, audio interviews with experts, and step-by-step guides that take you by the hand and show you exactly how you can cure yourself of this wretched condition.

It shows you exactly how to do 8 treatments, all of which you can do at home, and have been proven in clinical trials to cure sleep apnea in as little as 60 days.

What’s even more amazing is that these proven treatments are EASY and FUN!

Natural Apnea Treatments Power Pack:

Easy Treatments for Sleep Apnea That Are Proven to Cure Sleep Apnea in 60 Days – And Are Actually Fun to Do!

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What exactly are these treatments, you ask? Here’s precisely what you get in the Natural Apnea Treatments Power Pack:

The Sleep Apnea Exercise Program

Module #1: The Sleep Apnea Exercise Program

Module-1-300x257The Sleep Apnea Exercise Program is a complete program of proven exercises for your mouth, throat, tongue, and jaw.

Scientific studies proving the effectiveness of these “orofacial” exercises have been published in journals such as American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, among others.

Here’s a tiny sample of what you’ll get in the Sleep Apnea Exercise Program:

  • 18 step-by-step videos that show you exactly how to do the sleep apnea exercises
  • A 52-page manual that includes a description of each exercise; illustrations to show you how to do each exercise; an explanation of what each exercise does for your body.

And here’s a testimonial from one of my customers, who cured his sleep apnea after only 3 months of doing the exercises!

C.E. (Sandy) Thomas, Ph.D.

“I can now say that I have been cured. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Dear Marc,

I have been planning to write to you for several weeks. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea last December, and endured six weeks of CPAP treatment that provided no relief. Then I purchased your piece about alternative treatments. I can now say that I have been cured. Thank you! Thank you! thank you! I no longer have to endure the dreaded CPAP mask, and can now sleep as a normal human being.

I have regained my ability to sleep solely by using your recommended breathing exercises. (I was going to try acupuncture next, but fortunately didn’t have to pay for that option.)

Thanks again for bringing natural sleep back into my life!”


C.E. (Sandy) Thomas, Ph.D., Clean Energy Consultant (former President of H2Gen Innovations, Inc.)

The Singing for Sleep Apnea Program

Module #2: The Singing for Sleep Apnea Program

Module-3-257x300Singing has been proven effective for a host of health ailments, including depression, stroke, and mood disorders. But only recently has it been tested in clinical trials on sleep apnea patients.

Similar to mouth and throat exercises, singing therapy strengthens the muscles of the upper airway, so your muscles stay firm when you’re asleep.

When your throat muscles are firm, your upper airway stays open – so no more sleep apnea!

The challenge, though, is finding the RIGHT songs to sing, to get the best upper airway workout.

My Singing for Sleep Apnea Program has been specially designed to show you the EXACT singing exercises you need to do – and your instructor is a professional singer and singing teacher!

Here’s a look at some of the goodies you’ll get in the Singing for Sleep Apnea Program:​

  • A no-fluff 25-page guide with all you need to know to start your singing exercises, including step-by-step instructions on how to do 13 targeted singing exercises, tips on how to prepare for the singing exercises, and more);
  • 13 instructional audios by noted singing teacher Emily Tucker (these audios have been created specifically for sleep apnea sufferers, and provide step-by-step instruction on each individual singing exercise); and much more!

Here’s a testimonial from one sleep apnea sufferer who successfully overcame their condition through singing:


“I can tell you my situation is way better and with the snoring gone I am convinced am cured of sleep apnea.”

“Mine started when I realized I had added a couple of pounds to my weight. I was such a snoring nuisance that I was told by my girlfriend that sometimes I would skip breath several times a night.

I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with obstructive sleep apnea. Surgery was the option but then I heard about singing therapy. I bought the CDs and started performing the exercises.

I can tell you my situation is way better and with the snoring gone I am convinced am cured of sleep apnea.

Tyson, comment published on Talk About Sleep online forum.

The Acupuncture for Sleep Apnea Program

Module #3: Cure Your Sleep Apnea With Acupuncture Program

Module-3b-257x300Acupuncture as an alternative medicine goes back thousands of years. But did you know it’s been proven to cure sleep apnea?

  • In this groundbreaking guide you’ll learn:
  • How acupuncture can cure sleep apnea;
  • How long it takes to see results;
  • How to find a qualified acupuncturist in your neighborhood;
  • What to expect during acupuncture treatment for sleep apnea;
  • Side effects to look out for;
  • And Much More!

Plus you’ll also receive a 60-minute audio interview with Dr. Jing Liu, Professor of Acupuncture at Harvard University. In the interview Dr. Liu talks specifically about the benefits of acupuncture for sleep apnea, how to find the right acupuncturist, what to expect during treatment, and much, much more.

Here’s a testimonial from one sleep apnea sufferer whose sleep apnea was completely cured after only 4 months of Acupuncture therapy:

David Jerome

“... complete cure of my sleep apnea!

“… My back relief was instantaneous but even more amazing has been the complete cure of my sleep apnea. I underwent two operations for sleep apnea, both unsuccessful.

I’ve used a CPAP machine for three years. After four months of acupuncture treatment the CPAP sits by the bed unused. That’s incredible!

David Jerome

The Cure Your Sleep Apnea With the Didgeridoo Program

Module #4: Cure Your Sleep Apnea With the Didgeridoo Program

Module-4b-257x300Did you know that the ancient Australian wind instrument called the "Didgeridoo", has been tested in scientific trials and proven to cure sleep apnea?

My program “Cure Your Sleep Apnea With the Didgeridoo” provides step-by-step video instruction on how to quickly master the fundamentals of didgeridoo and strengthen your upper airway – and conquer your sleep apnea in the process.​

Here’s what my program includes:

  • A no-fluff 21-page guide with all you need to know to start playing the didgeridoo including tips on buying the didgeridoo that is right for you, along with advice on how to play the instrument to get maximum benefit (in plain English!);
  • 6 instructional videos by noted didgeridoo teacher Tyler Sussman. These videos have been created specifically for sleep apnea sufferers, and provide step-by-step instruction on these topics:
  • History and health benefits of the didgeridoo;
  • How to buy or make your own didgeridoo;
  • Preparing to play;
  • How to make the basic “drone” sound on the didgeridoo;
  • How to make advanced sounds on the didgeridoo;
  • How to do “circular breathing” on the didgeridoo;
  • and Much More!

And here’s a testimonial from one of my customers, who cured her sleep apnea after in about 3 months of playing the didgeridoo!

Paula Pires

“... and the apnea mask went into the back of the closet ….

“Many people have the same problems with sleep apnea that plagued me, I would panic when putting on the mask and ripping it off in the night, not good.

After a little accidental research my apnea is GONE. While looking for Australian news, there was a reference to apnea treatment and the didgeridoo, the funny sounding instrument played by native Australians.

Following up on the reference there is a treatment for apnea that works!

To make a long story short I played the didgeridoo for about 3 months and asked for a retest of my apnea and I was found to be marginal, the tech did not find a symptom they could treat, and the apnea mask went into the back of the closet …."

Paula Pires

The Herbal Therapy for Sleep Apnea Program

Module #5: Herbal Therapy for Sleep Apnea Program

Module-5b-257x300Quick: which herbs that can greatly reduce sleep apnea symptoms and cure insomnia?

The “Herbal Therapy for Sleep Apnea” Program answers that question – and much more.

The program consists of a 23-page ebook that is the most comprehensive resource on herbal therapies for sleep apnea and insomnia available anywhere. In this ebook you’ll discover:​

  • Common (and uncommon!) natural, plant-based sleep aids
  • Natural remedies that help sleep apnea respiratory symptoms
  • The best non-addictive sleep supplements
  • The best sleep supplements to prevent grogginess when you wake up
  • Sleep supplement that are the most effective
  • Detailed instructions on where to buy these supplements (online and in stores); and much more!

The Program also includes an informative interview with master herbalist Steven Frank, who explains his unique perspective on the cause of obstructive sleep apnea, and what he did to cure his own OSA.

Here’s what Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society says about Herbal Therapy for sleep Apnea.

Elizabeth Renter, Writer

“... herbal sleep remedies could help with sleep apnea."

“A number of different herbal sleep remedies could help with various sleeping issues, Whether it be sleep apnea, narcolepsy or delayed sleep syndrome.

Lavender (Lvandula angustifolia, Lavandula officinalis) and California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) are two such herbs that could be of great benefit.

Elizabeth Renter, Writer, Natural Society

The Yoga Breathing for Sleep Apnea Program

Module #6: Yoga Breathing Exercises for Sleep Apnea

Module-6b-257x300It’s a little known fact that your diaphragm muscles can be a huge help in reducing sleep apnea. How?

The diaphragm muscles are responsible for breathing – weak muscles mean your breathing isn’t as strong as it should be.

In this 24-page ebook you’ll be shown step-by-step how to improve your breathing using specific yoga exercises.

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn from the ebook:​

  • How an ancient yoga technique can help control your breath (and increase your awareness);
  • How an ancient yoga technique can help control your breath (and increase your awareness);
  • A ten-step breathing technique that will strengthen your diaphragm and improve oxygen slow;
  • Two breathing exercises that will calm your mind and free your body of toxins;
  • Four “sleep meditation” exercises that will help you sleep better tonight;
  • and Much More!

Here’s a testimonial from Durga S. Nagda, who cured her sleep apnea through Yoga exercises within 7 months.

Durga S. Nagda

“... got off CPAP machine within 7 months

“I had blood pressure since 1998 and was put on Norvasc which developed edema in my legs, hence they changed to Cozar. I developed peripheral neuropathy in 2000 and sleep apnea in 2002. I was on Neurontin, and CPAP machine until 2007.

I started doing Pranayam (breathing exercises) since March 2007 to give company to a cancer patient providing moral support and to my surprise I got off the blood pressure within 3 months, got off CPAP machine within 7 months, and Neurontin within 9 months.

Currently I do not take any medicine for last over 2 years and teach Pranayam, vyayam and yoga anywhere where I live. I believe many, if not all, diseases can be cured by living a disciplined life, a healthy lifestyle, and doing Pranayam, vyayam (physical exercises) and yogasans (commonly known as Yoga).

Durga S. Nagda, Mims, FL

The Buteyko Breathing for Sleep Apnea Program

Module #7: Buteyko Breathing Exercises for Sleep Apnea

Module-7b-257x300The Buteyko Breathing Technique was developed by Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Buteyko in the 1950s and has been used since to cure asthma and a host of other conditions.

But in recent years it’s been used successfully by sleep apnea sufferers to overcome their condition, and there are scores of testimonials across the Internet from happy patients.

In my Buteyko Breathing Technique guide you’ll learn:

  • The history and theory behind the Buteyko Method;
  • Diseases that have been treated with the Method (including sleep apnea);
  • Proof that it works (including a sample case study);
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to do the Buteyko Breathing Technique;
  • and Much More!​

Here’s what one sleep apnea sufferer has to say about his positive experience with the Buteyko Breathing method for sleep apnea!

Graeme Sexton

Now with learning Buteyko and the breathing excercises I do not suffer from sleeapnoea any more

“Thanks for all the information that you have sent me regarding sleep apnoea and all the different methods that can help.

Here in Perth, Western Australia I have done a Buteyko Health breathing exercise course and has cleared me from using a CPAP machine (which I was having great difficulty getting use to).

Now with learning Buteyko and the breathing excercises I do not suffer from sleep apnoea any more."

Graeme Sexton, Perth, Western Australia

The Food, Allergies and Sleep Apnea Guide

Module #8: Food, Allergies, and Sleep Apnea Guide

Module-8b-257x300What we eat and the allergies we have can have a big impact on our sleep apnea.

This no-fluff, 12-page ebook explains the relationship between food, allergies, and sleep apnea, and covers these topics in detail:​

  • Foods that make sleep apnea worse;
  • Foods that can help reduce sleep apnea symptoms;
  • How allergies can contribute to sleep apnea;
  • Solutions to reduce or eliminate your allergies;
  • General measures to prevent allergies;
  • and Much More!

Here’s a testimonial from a sleep apnea sufferer about the effectiveness of specific diet to cure or reduce sleep apnea.

Tod Merley

I think that everyone (skinny people too) with a diagnosis of OSA should be put in long term (at least every six weeks for a couple of years) contact with a dietitian.

“I think that the presence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a likely indicator that something is wrong with how we are taking care of our body. It may be bad fuel (diet). It may be “lack of load” (inactive life style). It may be pollution from various sources.

I now know that caring for my body a bit better has reduced my OSA.

I had and wish I still had the privilege of working with a great dietitian. With the knowledge gained in becoming a commercial cook and continued effort I have moved through several “diets” (Korean, Mexican, now study Indian) looking for dishes that contain the nutrients I know I need at my current training level.

I think that everyone (skinny people too) with a diagnosis of OSA should be put in long term (at least every six weeks for a couple of years) contact with a dietitian. Learning to eat well is a life skill acquired over the long term. It comes by learning to prepare item after item, shopping list after shopping list, learning nutrient after nutrient, learning skill after skill. It should be a life long journey.

So here I make a note that after my current study of Indian foods I will look into the Mediterranean Diet."

Tod Merley, USA

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When You Purchase The Natural Apnea Treatments Power Pack You'll Get These Amazing FREE Bonus Guides!

FREE Bonus #1: The Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP Guide

Free Bonus #1: Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP Guide (Including 9 Survivors' Case Studies)

Bonus 1A large percentage of sleep apnea sufferers are looking for an alternative to CPAP. CPAP is ineffective for some people while others may suffer countless problems when using the machine. This no-fluff, 121-pages guide explains how to diagnose the cause of your sleep apnea. It also explains scientifically proven 15 alternative treatment methods that can be used to cure or significantly reduce your obstructive sleep apnea. Here's a tiny sample of what you’ll find in “Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP”:

  • 121 pages of actionable information on alternative, non-CPAP sleep apnea treatments
  • 9 case studies of men and women who have completely cured their sleep apnea without CPAP
  • 7 types of alternative treatments that are proven to cure sleep apnea (detailed descriptions)
  • 12 “action steps” for each alternative treatment, so you know exactly how to take action on each treatment
  • 7 “quick fix” sleep treatments that can help you get a better night’s sleep TONIGHT
  • 69 hand-picked web links for further information on alternative sleep apnea treatments
  • 31 diagrams explaining alternative sleep apnea treatments
  • Names and website addresses of doctors and medical centers who specialize in alternative sleep apnea treatments.
C. Burke,

Thank you for a great contribution, Marc!

“This is great advice, which I intend to follow. I love the way you approach the topic — from apnea to alternative treatments, from mild to dramatic.

It is not missing from your book, but I just want to mention that sleep position can be very dramatic. (You might want to push that a little in future editions.) For example, after 4 months with ***** and ***** units, with and without auto CPAP, I discovered that my AHI went from 20 to 40 to one (!) by sleeping on my side, not my back.

Thank you for a great contribution, Marc!"

C. Burke, , San Bernardino, U.S.A

FREE Bonus #2: Weight Loss for Sleep Apnea Guide - Valued at $49.95

Free Bonus #2: Weight Loss for Sleep Apnea Guide

Bonus 2This ebook contains a step-by-step, twelve-week training program that was developed specifically for sleep apnea patients.

Experienced dietician Kathleen Bundy, M.Sc., takes you by the hand and shows you:​

The essential facts about nutrition;

  • How to figure out the best portion sizes;
  • How to prepare meals that taste good (not like soggy cardboard!);
  • How to get your family on board;
  • How to stick with your diet;
  • How to prepare meals with variety;
  • How to deal with hunger;
  • How to increase your daytime energy;
  • and a whole lot more!

FREE Bonus #3: Stop Binge Eating – The Sleep Apnea Patient’s Guide - Valued at $49.95

Free Bonus #3: Stop Binge Eating - The Sleep Apnea Patient's Guide

Bonus 3One of the most common causes of sleep apnea in adults is being overweight or obese, due to excess flabby and fatty tissue blocking the airway during sleep.

In fact, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) estimates that more than 50 percent of people afflicted with sleep apnea are overweight.

The purpose of this report is to help you recover from sleep apnea by directly targeting one of its most common causes: obesity.

By controlling binge-eating, you can control your weight and contribute greatly to your overall health. This report will help you understand binge-eating, its causes and effects, and various forms of treatments to help you get through it.

The content in this report was written by a recovered binge-eater. During her journey of self-discovery, she learned much about herself and how to successfully overcome binge-eating. I think you will benefit immensely from her experience!​

FREE Bonus #4: Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks: How to Cope If You Have Sleep Apnea - Valued at $49.95

Free Bonus #4: Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks: How To Cope If You Have Sleep Apnea

Bonus 4-240x300Sleep apnea – and the use of CPAP, in particular – often comes with unexpected side effects. One of those side effects can be a debilitating stress and anxiety and, in the worst cases, the onset of panic attacks.

In the six years I’ve been researching sleep apnea treatments I’ve received many emails from sufferers who simply can’t tolerate CPAP – not just because they find it uncomfortable, but because the thought of wearing the mask brings intense feelings of anxiety and panic.

But there is hope! In this report I share with you proven techniques for overcoming the stress, anxiety, and panic that sometimes accompanies sleep apnea and using CPAP equipment.

By following the tips covered in this report, you’ll be well on your way to better adjusting to your sleep apnea and CPAP.

So go ahead and dive in!​

FREE Bonus #5: Stop Teeth Grinding: The Sleep Apnea Patient’s Guide - Valued at $49.95

Free Bonus #5: Stop Teeth Grinding: The Sleep Apnea Patients' Guide

Bonus 5Did you know that teeth-grinding is strongly associated with sleep apnea?

In fact, a 2009 report by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) revealed a high prevalence of sleep bruxism in people with obstructive sleep apnea.

This guide explains the causes of a common type of teeth grinding called “Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)”.

It describes step-by-step exercises for the head, neck, mouth and jaw that help strengthen the muscles in the area that are very helpful in preventing teeth grinding and TMJ.​

FREE Bonus #6: Insomnia No More eBook - Valued at $49.95

Free Bonus #6: Insomnia No More eBook

Bonus 6Insomnia affects a staggering number of people across the world. But did you know that sleep scientists have recently developed proven techniques to help you go to sleep fast, and stay asleep all night?

This 64-page ebook offers comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on how to conquer your insomnia, and is not available for purchase anywhere on the Internet. The ebook covers these topics:

  • What causes insomnia?
  • How to diagnose your insomnia
  • Natural cures
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • And much more!

FREE Bonus #7: Overcome Daytime Fatigue: Sleep Apnea Edition - Valued at $49.95

Free Bonus #7: Overcome Daytime Fatigue: Sleep Apnea Edition

Bonus 7If you've uttered the words "I'm too tired to..." in the past year or so, you are not alone. Some 50 million Americans see the doctor each year complaining of general fatigue. As a matter of fact, fatigue is the next-most-common complaint after colds and flu!

In this 57-page ebook you'll be taught all the tricks of the trade to overcome your daytime fatigue - as quickly as possible!

  • The ebook covers these topics and more:
  • Should I use stimulants to combat my daytime fatigue?
  • Techniques to stop feeling drowsy during the day
  • How to increase your energy levels
  • Exercise workouts to fight fatigue
  • Foods that fight fatigue
  • How to sleep less and still feel great
  • And much more!

Buy 1 of My Programs and I’ll Throw in the Other 7 (and 7 Bonuses) for FREE!

To own all eight of my programs and the bonuses would cost $845, but today, because you’re a customer of mine, I’m extending this one-time offer to you.

Get my complete collection of easy, free, and fun sleep apnea treatments for just 2 payments of $97. That’s just $24.25 per program (not including the 7 bonus reports)!

Why? Because you’ve already demonstrated that you’re serious about taking your health into your own hands and crushing your sleep apnea!

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Compare the Costs of CPAP, Surgery, and Dental Appliances to My Sleep Apnea Treatment Power Pack:

In talking with your doctor you probably know that CPAP, surgery, and dental appliances are the eight most-diagnosed treatments for sleep apnea.

Here’s the problem (and I know you already know this!): CPAP, surgery, and dental appliances have huge drawbacks.

In contrast, the treatments in my Sleep Apnea Treatments Power Pack are easy, free, have no side effects, and are proven effective.

Here’s a table comparing your options:

Proof That These Treatments Work

It’s a fact: there are MANY sleep apnea treatments that are proven effective to cure (or significantly reduce) sleep apnea – and that don’t involve surgery or wearing equipment on your face or in your mouth.

The tragedy is that most doctors simply don’t have the time to keep up with these new treatments. And they don’t have a financial incentive to prescribe these treatments, either – because most of these new and easy treatments are FREE.

That’s where I come in! I’ve made it my mission since 2008 to dig up new and cutting-edge sleep apnea treatments that I can share with my readers.

But you don’t need to take my word for it. Here are links to scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of mouth and throat exercises, singing exercises, and playing the didgeridoo:

Scientific Study on Mouth and Throat Exercises for Sleep Apnea

amer_journal_repir_crit_care_med-150x150Study Title: Effects of Oropharyngeal Exercises on Patients with Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Location: University of São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, Brazil.

Objective: To conduct a series of oropharyngeal exercises on patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnea – and determine if the exercises make any difference.

Method used: 50 patients recently diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea were screened. Thirty-one patients were accepted for the trial. The trial lasted for three months.

Results: the study group showed a significant 39% reduction in obstructive sleep apnea episodes. Improvements noted were:

  • Decrease in neck circumference measurement
  • Reduced snoring
  • Better sleep pattern

Conclusion: the study concluded that oropharyngeal exercises can significantly reduce obstructive sleep apnea severity and symptoms, and showed oropharyngeal exercises as a very promising treatment for those with moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Please click this link to access the source of this study: Effects of Oropharyngeal Exercises on Patients with Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Scientific Study on Singing Exercises for Sleep Apnea

compl_therapies_in_medStudy Objective: To determine whether singing exercises could be used as a non-invasive treatment to increase muscle tone in the tissues of the throat and thereby reduce snoring.

Method Used: The duration of snoring of 20 chronic snorers was recorded by voice-activated tape recorder for 7 nights both before and after treatment.

The therapeutic intervention consisted of instruction in singing technique and singing exercises which subjects were directed to practice for 20 minutes a day for 3 months. Compliance was encouraged by a further visit and regular telephone follow-ups.

Results: Snoring was on average reduced, especially in subjects who performed the exercises accurately and consistently and who were not overweight.

You can learn more about this pilot study here: Singing Exercises Can Reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Scientific Study on Acupuncture Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Sleep-Medicine-150x150Study: In 2006 a scientific study was published in the prestigious journal Sleep Medicine entitled “Treatment of Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome with Acupuncture”.

Results: Acupuncture treatment led to significant strengthening of the genioglossus, or tongue muscle. After treatment, patients’ tongues were three or four times stronger than those of patients in the control group. The end result? Across the study group, the average apnea-hypopnea index was reduced by half.

To read more about this study, please click this link: Treatment of moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome with acupuncture: a randomised, placebo-controlled pilot trial.

Scientific Study on Didgeridoo for Sleep Apnea

brit_med_journal1Study Objective: To assess the effects of didgeridoo playing on daytime sleepiness and other outcomes related to sleep by reducing collapsibility of the upper airways in patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome and snoring

Method Used: Twenty-five patients aged 18 years and above with an apnoea-hypopnoea index between 15 and 30 were given private lessons on the didgeridoo at a center for sleep medicine. Participants practiced the didgeridoo an average of 25 minutes a day, six days a week.

Results: Compared with the control group, the participants practicing the didgeridoo experienced:

  • Significantly lower daytime sleepiness
  • Significantly improved apnea-hypopnea index
  • Bed partners reported less sleep disturbance

Conclusion: The authors of the study concluded the “Regular didgeridoo playing is an effective treatment alternative well accepted by patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome”.

Please click this link to read the study in detail: Didgeridoo playing as alternative treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome: randomised controlled trial

Scientific Study on Herbal Therapy for Sleep Apnea

American-Thoracic-SocietySummary: Chemicals found in green tea may be able to stave off the cognitive deficits that occur with obstructive sleep apnea, according to a new study in the Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Researchers examined the effects green tea polyphenols (GTP), administered through drinking water, on rats who were intermittently deprived of oxygen during 12-hour "night" cycles, mimicking the intermittent hypoxia (IH) that humans with OSA experience.

In this study, the researchers divided 106 male rats into two groups that underwent intermittent oxygen depletion during the 12-hour "night" cycle for 14 days. One group received drinking water treated with GTP; the other received plain drinking water.

They were then tested for markers of inflammation and oxidative stress, as well as for performance in spatial learning and memory tasks--namely a water "maze" in which the rat had to memorize the location of a hidden platform.

The IH-rats that received the green tea-treated water performed significantly better in a water maze than the rats that drank plain water. "GTP-treated rats exposed to IH displayed significantly greater spatial bias for the previous hidden platform position, indicating that GTPs are capable of attenuating IH-induced spatial learning deficits," wrote Dr. Gozal, adding that GTPs "may represent a potential interventional strategy for patients" with sleep-disordered breathing.

Please click on this link to learn more about this study: Green Tea Puts Sleep Apnea Woes to Bed?

Scientific Study on Yoga Breathing for Sleep Apnea

NCBIStudy Title: Impact of long term Yoga practice on sleep quality and quality of life in the elderly.

Background: Sleep disturbances and decline in the physical functionality are common conditions associated with aging. Pharmacological treatment of sleep disturbances can be associated with various adverse effects. Short term trials of Yoga on sleep have shown beneficial effects.

Objectives: To evaluate the effect of long-term Yoga exercises on sleep quality and quality of life (QOL) in the elderly.

Materials and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study in which data were collected from elderly people aged 60 years or more living in Nagpur city. Two types of survey questionnaires were employed:

Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) and QOL Leiden-Padua (LEIPAD) Questionnaire. A total of 65 elderly men and women who signed an informed consent and completed questionnaires were included in the study.

Sleep quality score PSQI and QOL (LEIPAD Questionnaire) score of the study group were evaluated and compared with the control group using Mann-Whitney U test.

Results: Total PSQI score in Yoga group was lower than that of the control group. Also various QOL scores of the Yoga groups were higher than the control group.

Conclusion: Addition of regular Yoga exercises in the daily routine of elderly people can help to achieve good sleep quality as well as improve the QOL.

Please click this link to read a detailed account of this study: Impact of long term Yoga practice on sleep quality and quality of life in the elderly.

Scientific Study on Buteyko Breathing for Sleep Apnea

alogoWhitepaper on Sleep Apnea and Breathing Retraining by the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health, Australia.

Studies conducted by: Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health, Australia.

Study Conclusions: For the following reasons, the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health considers that clinical trials of the Buteyko Institute Method of breathing retraining for people with sleep apnoea need to be conducted as soon as possible:

1. Based on over 11,000 clients, estimates from the 2010 BIBH survey suggest that breathing
retraining using the BIM show significant improvement in sleep for >95 percent of clients  with sleep apnoea who undertook BIM courses.

2. Estimates from the 2010 survey also suggest that approximately 80 percent of clients were able to cease using their CPAP machine.

3. Sleep medicine research suggests that breathing pattern disorder, i.e. intermittent or chronic hyperventilation, is common in people with sleep apnoea.

4. Independent clinical trials in the medical literature indicate that the Buteyko method of
breathing retraining is successful in improving disordered breathing patterns and reducing

Scientific Study on Curing Sleep Apnea Through Diet

Layout 1Greek researchers from the University of Crete have conducted a study showing how following a Mediterranean diet and exercising can help reduce some of the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS).

The study, which is published online in the European Respiratory Journal, looked at the impact a Mediterranean diet can have on obese people with sleep apnoea, compared to those on a prudent diet.

40 obese patients suffering from OSAS have been examined. Half the patients were given a prudent diet to follow, while the other 20 followed a Mediterranean diet. Both groups were also encouraged to increase their physical activity, and were advised to aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of walking every day.

Both groups of patients also received continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, which involves wearing a mask that generates an air stream, keeping the upper airway open during sleep.

At the start of the study period, the researchers monitored the patients during a sleep study, also known as a polysomnography. This type of study looks out for several OSAS indicators such as electrical activity in the brain, eye movements and snoring.

Six months later, the team analysed the patients once more to see if the dietary changes had had an effect on their sleeping rhythm.

The findings reveal that patients on the Mediterranean diet had a reduced number of apnoeas during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep – a stage which usually accounts for approximately 25% of total sleep during the night.

Lead study author Christopher Papandreou comments: “This is the first study examining the impact of the Mediterranean diet in combination with physical activity on OSAS via changes in the human body.

Our results showed that the number of disturbances during REM sleep was reduced more in the Mediterranean diet group than the other group. Recent reports have related an increase in disturbances during REM sleep with the risk of developing significant systemic consequences like diabetes type II.

However, its clinical significance remains unclear. Finally, more studies are needed to examine the effect of the above diet on this sleep-related breathing disorder, taking into account its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.”

Here's the link to the source of Study: Effect of mediterranean diet vs prudent diet combined with physical activity on OSAS: a randomised trial.

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